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How to Add Color to Your Living Area

When it comes to home decorating, it surely gets tedious and expensive to give your place a complete makeover. Change and color don’t necessarily have to come down to paint. Providing 3bhk flats in Zirakpur, Myst Arcade Zirakpur have a wide range of inputs that can help you make your living room more lively and colorful.

– Curtains for the Color

Adding a pop of color is easy if you add some fun curtains. Sometimes adding a contrasting color among the basic neutrals might just stand out and add that element of color you’re looking for.

– Add Colorful Pillows

A boring sitting couch can be filled with spark just by adding an array of colorful pillows and cushions to it. Whether it is solids for a floral sofa or colorful, patterned pillows for a solid color sofa, a simple addition will not only add comfort but also the right splash of color.

– Plants Can be Your Palette

Greens or flowering plants can definitely add a pop of color along with fragrance and all good feelings for your living room. If you’re not really into greens and taking care of them often, you can also go for the artificial ones.

– Paint One Wall

You will realize that adding a pop of color in your living space is as easy as painting one wall of your living room. This will change the focal point of your living room without making it look like a major decorating project. You can choose from bold, contrasting colors to floral to subtle or dark toned colors. Any change or addition of color will add an element of interest and splash into your room.

– Colorful Couch

A sofa can be the main area of focus for your living room and the color choice of the same can set the vibe of your room. Adding a colorful, quirky couch can change the whole vibe from boring to lively. Chose from a whole wide range of florals, solids, neutrals to dark as per what goes with the vibe you want to set for your room.

With Myst Arcade offering the Best Location in Zirakpur, we also aim to ease the whole process of moving in and redecorating for you. Here’s happy home-ing to you!

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