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Easy to Grow Vegetables in an Apartment

If you live in a tiny apartment, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh, affordable veggies from your own garden. Here is a list of all the veggies, that we at Myst Arcade, offering the Best Location in Zirakpur have for all you budding gardeners.

• Leafy Greens

Greens of all kinds, be it lettuce, kale or spinach can be easily grown in a balcony pot. They’ll help you fill up the garden space, allowing you ease of trim, rinsing and using immediately in dishes and salads.

• Tomatoes

These grow exceptionally well in a deep balcony garden pot, as the roots of a tomato plant go deep. A single tomato plant can provide pounds of tomatoes over the course of a growing season, providing the base for various sauces and salads.

• Cucumbers

These grow great on balconies with railings that can serve as vines. Cucumbers can be easily sliced and eaten directly or used as the basis for an incredibly healthy and tasty cucumber salad. It’s easy to can pickles and store them for future use.

• Zucchini and Summer Squash

Just Like tomatoes, these grow best if you have placed just one or two plants in a deep pot, these plants will each produce many pounds of delicious vegetables ready for your consumption. With a little creativity, you can shred zucchini to make fried latkes, toss it in with your favorite salad or use it as a key ingredient in baking delicious bread.

You need the initial items on your balcony – a planter and soil to begin and then, you can plant repeatedly in the same pot and enjoy their bounty. All you need is a fresh pack of seeds and dedicated efforts to keep your plants fresh and alive. We at Myst Arcade, offering Best Projects in Zirakpur take constant efforts to keep your housing afresh experience for you.

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