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How to Arrange Furniture in Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is the most comfortable place you can be at. And there are few things that can make or break your comfort, there, furniture being one of it. Here are a few tips that we at Myst Arcade Zirakpur, have for you to maximize your living experiences.

-Choose the Location of the Bed

Considering, the bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, it should be placed first when considering your bedroom layout. Make sure the foot of the bed is the closest to the door and there is enough space for you to easily walk around the bed.

-Balance the Room

The best way to achieve balance in the bedroom is to place a proper piece of furniture opposite the bed, a dresser, vanity or even a bean bag. If you have a smaller bedroom, consider leaving the wall opposite the bed free.

-Place a Nightstand on Your Bedside

Not only are these good looking but are extremely functional and adds an extension to the overall look of the bedroom.

-Position Your Dresser

A long dresser suits well in the corner whereas a shorter one looks great under the window. Choose the type and position the dresser accordingly. In a smaller bedroom, you might want to consider placing the dresser inside a closet.

-Position for Optimal Use

It all comes down to this point, how you want your room to function, I.e. the purpose, for example, you want to watch TV, the positioning of the tv and furniture should be such that they face each other.

-Comfort is the Key

To maximize comfort you must keep into consideration where you place your furniture. For example, placing the bed under noisy areas such as a window might cause a disturbance.

Keeping in mind the above you can have the most out of your bedroom space, to have a comfortable and relaxed time similar to what we offer at Myst Arcade, offering luxury flats in Zirakpur.

Easy to Grow Vegetables in an Apartment


If you live in a tiny apartment, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh, affordable veggies from your own garden. Here is a list of all the veggies, that we at Myst Arcade, offering the Best Location in Zirakpur have for all you budding gardeners.

• Leafy Greens

Greens of all kinds, be it lettuce, kale or spinach can be easily grown in a balcony pot. They’ll help you fill up the garden space, allowing you ease of trim, rinsing and using immediately in dishes and salads.

• Tomatoes

These grow exceptionally well in a deep balcony garden pot, as the roots of a tomato plant go deep. A single tomato plant can provide pounds of tomatoes over the course of a growing season, providing the base for various sauces and salads.

• Cucumbers

These grow great on balconies with railings that can serve as vines. Cucumbers can be easily sliced and eaten directly or used as the basis for an incredibly healthy and tasty cucumber salad. It’s easy to can pickles and store them for future use.

• Zucchini and Summer Squash

Just Like tomatoes, these grow best if you have placed just one or two plants in a deep pot, these plants will each produce many pounds of delicious vegetables ready for your consumption. With a little creativity, you can shred zucchini to make fried latkes, toss it in with your favorite salad or use it as a key ingredient in baking delicious bread.

You need the initial items on your balcony – a planter and soil to begin and then, you can plant repeatedly in the same pot and enjoy their bounty. All you need is a fresh pack of seeds and dedicated efforts to keep your plants fresh and alive. We at Myst Arcade, offering Best Projects in Zirakpur take constant efforts to keep your housing afresh experience for you.

How to Add Color to Your Living Area


When it comes to home decorating, it surely gets tedious and expensive to give your place a complete makeover. Change and color don’t necessarily have to come down to paint. Providing 3bhk flats in Zirakpur, Myst Arcade Zirakpur have a wide range of inputs that can help you make your living room more lively and colorful.

– Curtains for the Color

Adding a pop of color is easy if you add some fun curtains. Sometimes adding a contrasting color among the basic neutrals might just stand out and add that element of color you’re looking for.

– Add Colorful Pillows

A boring sitting couch can be filled with spark just by adding an array of colorful pillows and cushions to it. Whether it is solids for a floral sofa or colorful, patterned pillows for a solid color sofa, a simple addition will not only add comfort but also the right splash of color.

– Plants Can be Your Palette

Greens or flowering plants can definitely add a pop of color along with fragrance and all good feelings for your living room. If you’re not really into greens and taking care of them often, you can also go for the artificial ones.

– Paint One Wall

You will realize that adding a pop of color in your living space is as easy as painting one wall of your living room. This will change the focal point of your living room without making it look like a major decorating project. You can choose from bold, contrasting colors to floral to subtle or dark toned colors. Any change or addition of color will add an element of interest and splash into your room.

– Colorful Couch

A sofa can be the main area of focus for your living room and the color choice of the same can set the vibe of your room. Adding a colorful, quirky couch can change the whole vibe from boring to lively. Chose from a whole wide range of florals, solids, neutrals to dark as per what goes with the vibe you want to set for your room.

With Myst Arcade offering the Best Location in Zirakpur, we also aim to ease the whole process of moving in and redecorating for you. Here’s happy home-ing to you!

5 Ways to Turn your House into a Cozy Abode


A home is an abode you get to show off. That does not mean you deck it like its Christmas all year along. Unless, of course, that’s your vibe. A house truly feels like a home once it’s a little lived in and exudes coziness from its seams.

So, how do you make sure that your home is a welcoming space for whoever enters it?

Here are some tips from the best property in Zirakpur:

– Declutter

It is essential that your living space is free of clutter. Clean surroundings automatically make the space more welcoming. Make sure you make decluttering a habit or it might be unmanageable in the long run.

– Scent the Air

Make sure your house smells nice at all times. Centerpieces full of Potpourri, scented candles & fresh flowers all add a certain charm to the house. Plus nobody really likes to step into a bad smell.

– Entice Warmth with Colors

Make sure that the color story you select to showcase in your house decor is warm. They will also add an interesting depth to your space. Mood directly correlates to the color all around, so it is essential that these colors are welcoming.

– Play with Textures

Create a dimension in your living room where you will be entertaining guests. Add textures like a fluffy pillow or smooth wooden furniture, anything that makes people want to interact with objects.

– Create Intimacy

Make sure your seating arrangement is closer together to create an intimate setting without any objects blocking the view. The result would a great conversation and happy guests embracing a lively atmosphere.

Above all your house should reflect your personality. The tips given above will help others feel more welcome but the person who is going to spend the most time inside the house is going to be you. So, we with the best 3bhk independent floors in Zirakpur ensure that your house as a personality that compliments yours perfectly.